As much as some may hate them or love them, fishing rockets has become by necessity an essential part of the equipment for the most anglers in our most known lakes, where it is forbidden to use boats, remote control boats or even to swim out to provide supplemental feed.

 If you like to successfully catch big fishes, it is necessary to feed them nice and precise before the fishing and for that reason is necessary to know the art of rocket feeding for an successful fishing.

In this article I will try to describe what is the most important for a great rocket and I'll also mention my four most favorite types of rockets. I'll try to identify some of their strengths and weaknesses and when, which and for what purpose am I using one... 

More about the supplemental feeding tactics and our Alien rockets you can read in Practical fishing (Praktičan ribolov) N°54. 

Writer: Krešimir Kuri