About Us

Welcome to our web site, we hope that you will enjoy the overlook and that you will find the answers to all of your questions.

A team of young and ambitious carp anglers has tested in the last few years many products for their personal use and they have come to new discoveries so they have decided to focus on the production of carp fishing equipment. 

Business is based on top quality products at an affordable price, excellent communication with suppliers and customers, using new technology and capacity expansion.

The sales network has been expanded beyond the Croatian borders. Our mission is to develop great products of high quality at affordable prices and the vision is to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of carp supplies in the region.

We will not stop, we're still here, we are continuing with our ideas, innovations and we are working on new products, we listen to our customers and their needs, to keep the advantage in front of those careful and elusive carps .....

Thanks to everyone who helped us to establish our first product Alien rocket and all those who have not yet had the opportunity to try Alien rocket, go ahead and try, the difference will be noticeable and success is guaranteed.

Product quality and satisfied customers are our top priority!